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The Snapudeals App will be available for download for your IPhone in October of 2019. The downloads for Android will be available in December 2019. Please check back!

App Available for Download in October 2019.

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Our App Features

We are connecting customers and businesses and creating great experiences. Our Goal is to help small businesses increase sales and revenue. We want to help customers save money by taking advantage of great offers!

Easy For Businesses

We made the app easy to use and easy to understand for businesses. Setting up deals and taking advantage of deals is easy as a few clicks.

Customers Can Enjoy Snapudeals

Snapudeals will be sent to customers by businesses that they follow. Customers can save money and won't miss out on special promotions at their favorite businesses.


The app is available for download in the Apple store in July of 2019.Will be available in the Google Play Store in October of 2019.

GPS Business Location

Adding businesses for Customers is easy to do. Take advantage of the interactive map and locating your favorite business is quick and easy.

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Get The App

The setup and the install of the app is quick and easy. Just click one of the links below to the Apple Store or Google Play Store for easy install.

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How do i set this App?

Please click one of the links for the Google Play or Apple Store. Please check back later for availability.


Support will be handled either by using the contact form below or going to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/snapudeals or our Youtube Channel. We will have videos coming soon on our YouTube Channel.

Are there more help resources available?

We have a number videos on youtube and feel free to check out our Facebook Page and ask a question or follow the group. You can even contact us on Twitter.

If you need to reach out to us, please do and we look forward to answering your questions and exploring the ways we can help your business. Want us to come to your city let us know.


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